Luxury's Easter Chocolate Eggs are Shaped to Look Like a Decadent Carton

 - Mar 3, 2016
References: groceries.iceland & femalefirst
In a twist to traditional Easter chocolate Eggs, Luxury is selling a familiar treat in a novel way.

Six egg-shaped milk chocolates are decorated and arranged to look as though they're sitting in a carton. But rather than just being a practical form of packaging, the carton-shaped base is an essential part of the dessert that's made up of creamy meringue, crunchy biscuit and chocolate that sits on an almond base. Unlike ordinary eggs that come in a carton, absolutely everything about this treat is edible. The Chocolate Eater Egg Box is sold through Iceland grocery stores.

For Easter this year, many brands are experimenting with chocolate in different forms, even if that means stepping away from some of the more traditional themes of the season.