Chinese Magazine Closed After Racy Rubble Pics

 - May 27, 2008
References: & catwalkqueen
A Chinese lifestyle magazine took advantage of the unique backdrop created by the rubble of the recent Sichuan earthquake, but not everyone is recognizing the artistic initiative as a positive one.

New Travel Weekly published a racy photo shoot of models, some wearing nothing more than underwear, posing among the debris of a fallen building. The message they seemed to convey was one of sexuality, not of remorse, shock or sorrow. As a result, it's being harshly criticized for “severely violating social morality, and causing extremely negative social effects”.

The Xinhua news agency confirmed the magazine has been closed and the editors fired.

The Australian adds, “Most leisure venues closed throughout China during the days of mourning that ended yesterday, and television channels showed only news of the earthquake and the relief effort.”

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