These DIY Wire Earring Cuffs Look Like Mythical Dragon Wings

 - May 29, 2014
References: instructables & instructables
Earring cuffs have become all the rage recently because they allow jewelry wearers to accessorize the upper portion of the ear lobes that often go unnoticed. This DIY tutorial shows earring fans how to create their very own cuffs shaped like mythical dragon wings.

Making your own earring cuffs is a surprisingly easy task. All you need is some metal wire and a set of pliers. Begin by creating a circular 'C' shape from the wire and then a larger 'C' shape roughly twice the size. The smaller 'C' shape will surround your inner lobe and the larger one will create the jagged dragon wing. Bend the wires accordingly and remember to bend the wire in on itself at the end of each piece so that the sharp parts don't poke into your skin.