Make Your Music Meta with the Ear Buddies

 - Feb 7, 2013
References: neatoshop & incrediblethings
If you want to confuse and trip people out while on public transit, then these ear-shaped earbuds are just what the doctor ordered. The ear-shaped buds use a standard 3.5mm jack which is compatible with most MP3 players on the market, as well as most iPhones and Android phones. The headphones also feature a coated wire to help improve sound quality and reduce interference.

But enough about the technical specs, all you really need to know is that these are ear buds -- only, they're ear shaped. Frightening people on public transit while enjoying your tunes will only set you back $13. To be honest, these headphones remind me of the alien from the Alien movies -- you know, mouth inside a mouth, except these are ears inside of ears.