The E-Vine Provides Energy to Electric Cars On-The-Go

 - Dec 5, 2011
References: suckerpunchdaily & ecofriend
Charging your EV while out and about would be a snap if the E-Vine from Hart Marlow ever went from concept to reality. The E-Vine is a solar charger that would be able to replenish a car's battery wirelessly.

The E-Vine consists of two pieces, the solar panels that gather the sun's rays and the charge pad. The charging pad uses induction to charge wirelessly. The E-Vine also pulls double duty as an urban decoration and as a functional piece of shade. The vine can be pruned so to speak to fit in all types of small or cramped spaces. Like it or not, electric cars are the future. Finding a way to charge all of these EVs off the grid will be a big challenge. Designs like the E-Vine could help meet the world's growing need for grid-less and on-the-go electricity.