Inspired by the Up and Coming 2013 Music Festivals and Concerts

 - Jun 16, 2013
If you plan on heading to any 2013 music festivals or concerts this year, it's essential that you plan ahead what you'll be bringing along. Especially if the shows are held outside, things like the sun, heat, dehydration and, most importantly, fun are all key factors that should play into what you'll pack to ensure you have the best time possible jamming out to your favorite songs.

Whether the 2013 music festivals or concerts you attend this year are all day or all night, remember to think ahead what you should bring along. If you'll be spending copious amounts of time in the sun, UVA detecting bracelets, things like waterproof makeup, fold-out chairs, sunscreen, solar-powered phone chargers and water bottles are important to bring. To boost your levels of fun, pack things like drink concealing coats, funky fruit-inspired shorts and hip snap backs. Remember to pack light and have a great time!