Dzynwrld iPhone 4 Cases Paints Mobiles with Wondrous Colors

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: dzynwrld & materialicious
If you’re looking to up the "wow" factor for your smartphone, the Dzynwrld iPhone 4 Cases will do just that and possibly trip out a few onlookers.

The Dzynwrld iPhone 4 Cases bring four psychedelically trippy designs from artists that include Matt W. Moore, Jon Briggs and Antonia Manda. Each of them may have been created by these artists independently, but the kaleidoscopic mosaic of colors appear to be a dominant theme. These have playful, whimsical patterns that are vibrant, bold and bring a childish element to that’s more than welcoming. These are all extremely colorful, but the artists were able to maintain a balance so that it looks flashy without being too overwhelming at the same time.

The covers are a simple snap-on case and are made from impact-resistant flexible plastic. Cut-outs allow for access to all the buttons.