- Oct 21, 2008
References: dyna-vision & ivor-kovic
Imagine you’re not feeling well, so your physician attaches you to a cool little device that actually has an integrated cell phone. The device monitors you in real time and can send information directly to your doctor, or to any number of doctors so they can evaluate your symptoms on their iPhones. If you start feeling worse, they can even inform you--or an ambulance driver, in the worst-case scenario--where to go for treatment based upon the feedback from the system.

Imagination meets reality at RS TechMedic where just such a device is undergoing development. According to CEO Dr. R.A Brest van Kempen, the device, called Dyna-Vision, was developed from "...a wish list of physicians and their patients."

Dyna-Vision seeks to make life easier for the physicians as well as the patients.