Accurately Measure All Aspects of Ovulation With DuoFertility

 - Oct 9, 2009
References: duofertility & chipchick
Instead of in vitro fertilization, which can be costly and ineffective, try your luck with DuoFertility. DuoFertility is a high-tech fertility monitor you wear under your arm that measures all the elements of ovulation so you can better ascertain the optimal times to try to conceive.

According to Chip Chick, DuoFertility "measures a woman’s temperature 20,000 times every 24 hours to provide a very accurate reading of temperature changes in her Basal Body Temperature." Furthermore, DuoFertility can assess other fertility clues and health symptoms, like ovulation pain, cervical mucus quality and illness, which can be inputted into the device to improve prediction.

And you don’t even have to pee on a stick!