The Duo Intimate Lubricant Campaign Encourages Pleasure with Inanimate Objects

 - Apr 19, 2012
References: draftfcb & ibelieveinadv
While most men would never consider jamming their Johnson into anything that could potentially accommodate it, the Duo Intimate Lubricant campaign shows that if they were ever tempted to for one reason or another, this product would help. It pairs the simple and direct statement 'Get in,' with images of public objects such as steel pipes, tree knots and building wall cracks.

Although Venezuela-based ad agency Draftfcb might not be explicitly encouraging indecent exposure and public lewd acts, the Duo Intimate Lubricant campaign is daringly hilarious. It will get men and women thinking about tackling the seemingly impossible in bed.

Photographed and copy written by Paula Caminos, the Duo Intimate Lubricant campaign was art directed by Lorena Lozada with creative direction by Paula Caminos and Exequiel Rodriguez.