The Duo Artema by Berkan Taskin Balances Between Function and Form

 - Jul 11, 2013
References: yankodesign
Duo Artema by Berkan Taskin is a faucet that does away with the typical handles people are accustomed to using to control the strength and temperature of the water pouring out. Instead, it takes on a half-ring shape that is very futuristic. Similar to the two tap system, the hot and cold water streams out from different points. Yet they do so in a more organic, waterfall sort of way.

Balancing functionality and form, Duo Artema by Berkan Taskin boasts an interactive appeal and smart shape. It has a clean, modern and simple silhouette that will appeal to many. Its Built-in red and blue LED lights indicate the temperature, changing as the user moves the sliding rings to adjust the temp.