The ‘Dumbest Tweets Ever' Tumblr is Hilarious

 - Sep 8, 2011
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Hilarious typos, Freudian slips and silly slip-ups are the main feature of the ‘Dumbest Tweets Ever’ Tumblr. The blog is a collection of embarrassingly bad Twitter posts from people around the world, including celebrities and public figures. Readers are asked to submit their own finds from the social media site to contribute to the series of "bad spelling, grammar, logic and overall foolishness that happens in 140 characters," as the blog explains.

Of all the ghastly finds, my favorite reads, "This restaurant got a real nice umbeyonce (or however you spell it)," by Twitter user Dr. Monty, which has blown up in the blogosphere. On the celebrity front, ‘Dumbest Tweets Ever’ includes a Twitter post from singer/model Tyrese Gibson where he confuses Pandora Radio for an actual woman.

The ‘Dumbest Tweets Ever’ Tumblr will definitely put a smile on your face, and don’t worry if you end up seeing your own tweets on the site—I would consider it an honor to be in such hilarious company!