'DUB Russell × Daihei' Shibata by BRDG is Avant Garde

 - Mar 29, 2012
References: vimeo & cbc-net
Videographer BRDG has put together a music video -- of sorts -- titled 'DUB Russell x Daihei' that will leave many heads spinning. The video focuses on human figures clothed in psychedelic decals. These figures are spinning at certain points in the video, shaking in others and performing movements that would be awkward to put into words throughout. It is a visual experience.

The music and sounds are appropriately avant-garde. They provide the perfect accompaniment to the furtive energy that dances across the screen like sparks from a fire. It would be difficult to describe DUB Russell x Daihei as pleasant; however, this is probably not what BRDG was aiming for. The video is something to be experienced rather than watched in leisure.