The Dualist Home Office Respects Your Need to Relax

 - Jun 3, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
A long hard day of work may leave you with an aching back and neck, but could this be preventing with the Dualist Home Office? Designer Adam Moller has developed a dynamic workspace that optimizes the objects around you for optimal comfort and adaptability.

It's hard to accomplish a good stretch in a swivel chair, so this one tilts back completely leaving you feeling free of the constraints of a bulky backrest and annoying armrests. A carefully engineered system eliminates the possibility if you tipping over too.

The desk surface of the Dualist Home Office takes on a sinuous form that allows you to work from the standard ergonomic height, but also provides a zone labeled "hardly working" which offer a sunken table and a shelf too tall to bother reaching.