The Edelkrone 'FlexTILT' DSLR Camera Mount Can be Easily Augmented

 - Nov 11, 2016
References: edelkrone & odditymall
The Edelkrone 'FlexTILT' is a DSLR camera mount that enables the equipment to be shifted and repositioned without the need to remove the camera from the mount. Instead of featuring a series of knobs to make the movements possible, the Edelkrone 'FlexTILT' features a friction-based locking system that holds the device in place, while allowing it to be easily shifted.

The Edelkrone 'FlexTILT' can be used by itself or mounted to a tripod to enable a wide array of different uses that make it one of the more versatile pieces of equipment out there.

The Edelkrone 'FlexTILT' DSLR camera mount has a weight rating of up to 5.5-pounds, which will be suitable for a number of different cameras unless larger lenses are being utilized by photographers.