The Drop Toilet Descends Touch-Free for a Sanitary Bathroom Experience

 - Nov 5, 2013
References: & yankodesign
With the Drop Toilet, you'll never have to lift the toilet seat, for an easy wave with one hand will activate it to meet your needs. The raindrop-shaped plumbing fixture looks graceful and organic upon approach, concealing a function that people are often content to ignore.

Stand in before Pengfei Li's bathroom appliance and make a waving motion with your palm. The device will open slowly, as if letting a flower petal drop, stopping in an upright or a more sunken position. With this, it caters to both men and women. In the second position, the user is supposed to squat over the Drop Toilet comfortably low, and without the requirement of a seat's support. Stand up once again from this healthier posture, and proceed with a hands-free flush of eco foam water.