The 'Drew the Pencil' Lamp is a Quirky Piece of Functional Home Decor

 - Oct 17, 2016
References: kickstarter
The cleverly named 'Drew the Pencil' lamp appears to defy the laws of physics by standing up on what looks like a relatively small and unstable point.

The quirky lamp is shaped just like a large pencil, with a yellow middle, metallic holder and in place of an eraser at its top, it instead has a cylindrical light bulb. The lamp is much larger in size than a pencil and is perfect as a bedside light or as a source of light while working. Its malleable wire can be arranged to look like a pencil scribble, further adding to its endearing design.

Drew the Pencil makes for the perfect piece of functional decor for those who enjoy quirky pieces in the home, or even for children's rooms.