This Commercial Considers the Outcome of Dressing Well Everyday

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
A commercial from 'Centrepoint,' a Middle Eastern retail company, joined with advertising agency 'Impact BBDO Dubai' for a commercial that shows a man driving in order to drive the importance of dressing well on a daily basis.

It begins with the words "Everyday, life sets out to ruin your day," along with the image of a vintage sports car driving down the middle of a road. It continues like this and then pans into the vehicle, showing the back of the man's head and zooming in on his arm to reveal that he's dressed in a dapper suit.

The cynical narrator continues to go on about how it's seemingly the full-time job of life to inconvenience, irritate and even hurt people. Despite this however, the commercial claims that dressing well is a slight solution to all of this, as it ensures that even if life is getting someone down, at least they look good.