Google's DeepDream Converts Images into Visual Dream Interpretations

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: deepdreamgenerator &
The DeepDream online platform is a project put together by Google that offers consumers the opportunity to test out a visual dream generator. The software converts images and the objects highlighted within to create a surreal and psychedelic visual interpretation. The end result leaves users with a series of warped images that are morphed into one another to create a psychedelic and celestial set of illustrations vaguely familiar to the original, but worlds away as well.

The online platform encourages users to upload images and then input what the main identifiable objects in the scene are. The software then transforms the image into a morphing of the original playing around with shapes, textures and colors. The platform is part of a bigger project by Google, that hopes one day images will be able to be classified by search engines simply based on viewing them.