Stack Drawers Reinvent the Dresser

 - Apr 24, 2008
References: belowtheclouds
A dresser is traditionally standard in its construction. There's an exterior frame and drawers that fit into it. Designer Shay Alkalay ignores all such standards and notions in his new 2008 design, Stack, for British company, Established & Sons.

The dynamic design of the multi-coloured Stack units can be adjusted to different heights by stacking up "floating" drawers on top of each other. The result is a unique tower of drawers that allows drawers to be pushed and pulled in both directions.  The shape thus dynamically changes depending on how you handle the drawers.

You can choose to position it against a wall for a conventional look. Or you can get adventurous and leave it in the centre of a room for a fun functional piece of furniture that resembles an artistic sculpture to be appreciated from all angles. Shay Alkalay suggests, "I think chests of drawers look more intriguing when the drawers are left partly open."

Stack comes in two sizes, 8 drawer and 13 drawer units, in two multi-colour variants.