Dr. Andrew Weil's Mega-Mushroom Eye Serum Reduces Aging Effects

 - Aug 25, 2017
References: origins
The Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins skincare range consists of mushroom-infused beauty remedies like this eye serum which aims to reduce the appearance of tired, aging skin. Working to brighten dark circles, and reduce undereye puffiness, the product is naturally sourced rather than relying on harsh chemical agents.

The Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Eye Serum is a combination of mushroom, turmeric, ginger, and basil ingredients. The elixir soothes tired or irritated skin while balancing discoloration for a bright eyed look.

As consumers become more and more health-conscious, ingredient awareness is not only affecting the food industry but is also changing the way beauty is approached. Natural makeup and skincare are replacing chemically-infused products, and this mushroom eye serum is a great example of a modern skincare solution that is inspired by age-old remedies.