These Karhu Shoes From Dover Street Market Reflect the Colors of Nature

This intriguing Karhu sneaker collection, available exclusively from the Dover Street Market online boutique, is inspired by the majestic colors of the Nordic landscape.

The first Karhu colorway is called 'Mount Saana.' It reflects the beautiful, deep shades of gray and blue of Saana, one of the mighty peaks of the Scandinavian Mountains. Towering 3,376 feet above sea level, Saana is a beloved Nordic destination for avid hikers. The second colorway, titled 'Polar Nights,' completely contrasts the mellow tones of 'Mount Saana.' Covered in vivid hues of red, orange and tan, it's inspired by the flaming, splashy sunsets of the Nordic tundra.

The Karhu line of Nordic-inspired sneakers, soon to be released on the Dover Street Market shop, is a beautiful tribute to the brand's Finnish origins.