The New Double Stacked Tacos Feature Both a Hard Shell and Soft Tortilla

 - Jun 6, 2016
References: brandeating
Taco Bell recently began testing a new version of its double decker-style tacos in the form of the new 'Double Stacked Tacos.' Similar to previous dishes such as the 'Collider Tacos' and the '2Twister Tacos' this new dish puts a creative twist on a traditional Mexican specialty by combining both a crunchy taco shell and a soft flour tortilla.

The new Double Stacked tacos come in three varieties: Cool Habanero, Spicy Sweet and Nacho Crunch. The former features beef, lettuce, cheese and sour cream combined with a layer of cheese and habanero sauce. The Spicy Sweet variety consists of the same toppings, but with sweet chili sauce substituted for the sour cream. Finally, the Nacho Crunch taco features red tortilla chips and a layer of melted nacho cheese sauce. Each variety is meant to combine different tastes and textures for a whole new taco-eating experience.