This Decor Decal Deceivingly Looks Like a Corridor

 - May 21, 2014
References: 7gadgets & 7gadgets
If you want to creatively add the illusion of space to your home -- and cleverly trick your guests -- these doorway decals are perfect for you. These doorway decals feature a beautiful print of a stylishly endless stone corridor that will fool your guests into thinking that there is a mysterious corridor in your home that they can explore.

This doorway decal is a colorful high-resolution image of a Victorian-inspired castle corridor printed on a washable vinyl banner. The decal comes printed on a durable adhesive sticker that is roughly the size of a standard door. The straight-across point of view of this decal makes the corridor image seem all the more realistic.

This decal is conveniently waterproof and UV-protected so you'll be able to fool people in your home for years to come.