The Kitty Paw Doorstop Looks Like a Trapped Kitten Arm

 - Aug 20, 2013
References: perpetualkid & thegreenhead
When you first happen upon the Kitty Paw Doorstop, you might think some poor cat has trapped its arm underneath the door, but actually it is just a deceptively devilish rubber door wedge.

For the pranksters who like to trick their friends and family, or for those people who don't care very much for cats in general, this door stopper can be a fun and playful gag gift. If curiosity killed the cat, there must have been something very interesting happening under this door for the kitten to reach its paw all the way through.

Perhaps the Kitty Paw Doorstop can also be used to scare mice away with its claw shape. Either way, this cute door wedge can be used facing up or down.