The Tattoo Doodle Notebook Lets Consumers Draw on Body Parts to Test Ideas

 - Jan 18, 2016
References: fancy & fancy
For consumers thinking about body art but unsure of their level of commitment, Kelvin Dodds has put together a hip doodle notebook filled with realistic illustrations of the body so consumers can sketch out and trial their tattoo ideas. The journal, entitled the Tattoo Notebook, offers a commitment-free way to test out a variety of tattoo ideas before execution.

The Tattoo Notebook features a slew of brightly colored pages filled with close up illustrations of various parts of the body that are often selected for tattoos. The pages consist of images of backs, hands, arms and collar bones allowing the user to sketch out their ideas for their own body art. The doodles can be done in either color or black ink to give the drawer a realistic idea of what their tattoo could look like.