The Donostialdea Metro-Station Entrance by Snohetta is Sculptural

 - Oct 29, 2011
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Urban transportation everywhere seems to be getting a major artistic overhaul lately, and the Donostialdea Metro-Station design concept by Snøhetta Studio illustrates this direction perfectly.

Featuring an overarching canopy shaped and sculpted like coral, this amazing subway entrance is sure to entice even those who don't typically take public transit. Its coral-like design was indeed inspired by the sea, and it is made from stainless steel with a thin sheet of glass as covering.

The design by Snøhetta was chosen as the winner of a design competition for the new Donostialdea Metro-Station entrance. According to Evolo, the goal of the project was to create an entrance that presented the notion of "openness." Snøhetta Studio achieved this by creating a continuous-looking design that has, as Evolo describes, "the design element acting as a ceiling structure at one point, and a roof sheltering the main stairs at another."