The 'Donate a Word' Concept for UNICEF Turns Misspelt Words Into Cash

Although the 'Donate a Word' concept for UNICEF is only a concept, the idea has the potential to generate well-deserved cash for the charity organization. Developed by Lisa Zeitlhuber and Katharina Schmitt of the Miami Ad School, 'Donate a Word' turns misspelling into a money-maker.

By teaming up with Google Chrome, a misspelled word becomes an opportunity to donate money to UNICEF. The campaign will either improve lazy spelling or generate a significant income for the charitable organization. After a word is spelled wrong, the right click button is used and the option to donate to UNICEF comes up as one of the headings. The campaign is based on raising awareness for those who do not have access to education and without help, will never learn how to spell any words at all.