These Dmitry Khristenko Replicas are Inventive and Intricate

 - Mar 17, 2012
References: dkart71.deviantart & designboom
Artist Dmitry Khristenko knows how to recycle. He has created a slew of miniature motor-vehicle models made entirely from used wristwatches. A close look at any of the tiny replicas reveals an impressive degree of sophistication. Dmitry Khristenko does not simply slap and mold a few broken timepieces together to create the likeness of a motorcycle or jeep; he traces the most minute details of his vehicles muses and replicates them with an ingenious use of wristwatch components.

Dmitry Kristenko takes the clock part of old watches for the wheels for his models. This is a fairly obvious use of such components. However, to mold a motorcycle or car chassis from wristbands, straps and buckles is not as straightforward; details such as lights, gas tanks and mufflers plainly demonstrate Dmitry Kristenko’s eye for intricacy.

Photo Credits: designboom, dkart71.deviantart