‘Tongue Cover’ Provides Taste Buds Protection From M

 - Mar 18, 2013
References: tonguecover & technabob
The bitter taste of medicine has always been a thorn to many people, more specifically children and adults with distinct taste buds. Not a lot of kids and sometimes adults are willing to ingest bitter tasting medicines, which is why they should get the ‘Tongue Cover’ to get it over with.

The ‘Tongue Cover’ is a disposable latex cover for the tongue, which provides protection from those awful medicines. It also provides a barrier for pills, health drinks and other necessary concoctions for the stability of life. By principle, it’s basically a condom for your tongue, according to the product’s website -- not that it should be used in the same similar manner as a regular condom, but for all intensive purposes this product could ease the burden of any frustrated parent with a sick whiny child.