This Device Serves as a Touchscreen Display for Bikes

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: canyon & engadget
Bike manufacturer 'Canyon' recently teamed up with 'Sony' to produce a touchscreen display for bikes. For many cyclists, it can be frustrating and dangerous to operate mobile devices while on the go. This display provides a hands-free way to check messages and access mobile apps.

The device is called the 'Smart Bike Computer' and runs on 'Android Wear' technology. The device consists of a one and a half inch waterproof display that can be synced to Android devices via Bluetooth. The tiny display is designed to fit on the handlebars of a standard bike, providing an easy way for cyclists to check information such as the time, directions or messages.

The handy touchscreen display for bikes makes it easier and safer for cyclists to access their mobile devices while on the go.