Dismantling by Pawel Bownik is Like a Frankenstein Experiment

 - Jun 18, 2013
References: bownik.eu & beautifuldecay
Although beautiful, there might not be anything particularly intriguing about the series Dismantling by Pawel Bownik, an artist living and working in Warsaw, Poland, at least at first glance. It appears to be made up of basic flower arrangements and shot against even more basic backdrops. In reality, however, the flowers have been completely deconstructed and then reconstructed.

With the help of pins, tape and more, the flowers photographed in Dismantling by Pawel Bownik are strangely secured together as though they were part of a Frankenstein experiments, albeit a more colorful one. A work in process, each specimen has been meticulously pulled apart to ensure that when put back together, they resemble their original state.

In a way, Dismantling by Pawel Bownik comments on man's interference with nature.