This Vertical Dishwasher Machine Design Streamlines the Appliance

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: yankodesign
Despite front-load dishwasher machines being the norm they are inherently harder to use and operate, which this vertical dishwasher design aims to change. Instead of being loaded from the front, this dishwasher features a design that enables the loading racks to pop up from the top of the countertop. This allows it to be unloaded with ease or even used to directly grab dishware from to eliminate the need for all the bending and lifting required with traditional dishwasher designs.

The vertical dishwasher machine is the design work of Mohsen Jafari Malek and Behzad Taheri, and can effectively clean dishes with more efficiency. It also eliminates the occurrence of leaks from the front door as the water stays contained within the bin-like design.