Currie Explains Hilarious Disaster Dating Videos

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: youtube
Robyn Currie is one hilarious gal, as you can tell from the moment she starts talking about these comedic disaster dating videos. Though most of her interview is answered with funny quips, she also shows a personable and caring side when discussing her involvement with a needle exchange and harm reduction program in the West End of Toronto. To get know the self-proclaimed "jack of all asses," check out Currie's interview.

What is your favorite trend and why?

My favorite trend of all time happened to be one that I wrote called disaster dating videos. It was a really fun video and I feel like I was one of the first people to see it, at least in my mind I like to think that. "You know that really funny video you see, I found it first." It's not that big of a deal, but to me it is.

How do you define cool?

Cool is anything that is cutting edge. The moment that anything becomes mainstream it unfortunately ceases to be cool. Who wants to be mainstream? That's uncool. That's the opposite of cool.

What is your secret to uncovering the best trends?

Number one is waking up early before everybody else. Keep looking. Keep going to the sites you know are good and keep trolling that Internet. As I've said before, the Internet is a wide ocean and you are but a fishing vessel on it with nets cast very wide.

What is your favorite part about working at Trend Hunter?

My favorite thing about working at Trend Hunter is it's fun. Also, the ability to express yourself creatively and have that freedom, which not a lot of work places do. You get to work with pretty cool people and you also do a pretty cool job.

What's your favorite accomplishment?

My favorite accomplishment is when I ran a needle exchange and harm reduction unit in the West End of Toronto. It was really intense. I gained more compassion for a community that I hadn't had much experience with. If you can manage actively using crack users, you can manage anybody to do anything.

What advice would you give to the business world?

My advice to the business world is be aware of what you are doing and be aware that just because a consumer is willing to buy something from you they aren't necessarily going to put up with practices that may not be necessarily good. Treating workers unfairly isn't a practice that we should be doing anymore nor supporting. I could see more of a trend towards getting away from that and going back to more of a grassroots way of doing things. Also, use social media!

Any last thoughts you'd like add about Trend Hunter?

Haters gonna hate, Trend Hunters gonna hunt. Do your best jagger.