Casinos Finding New Ways to Rip People Off

 - Feb 26, 2007
References: thestar
The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has yanked 3 Konami-made slot machines from its casino because of potential subliminal messages that had been inserted in the games.
As reported in the Toronto Star, "Every time the game is played, it shows a jackpot result for a split second, but it's unclear if the messages are influencing gambler's behaviour. Konami, the company behind the games, says the jackpot symbols are the result of a software glitch that it is fixing."
The games in question are, Billionaires, Most Wanted and Sergeant Fritter.
I doubt something sinister and more widespread is going on here, but Konami does have over 1,300 other slot machines in casinos across Ontario, so maybe its best to stick to the tables for a while. Personally, I'll be keeping my eyes open for a class-action suit to jump on to try and recoop some of my kids' education savings.