Dirt-Resistant LG Philips LCD

 - Dec 3, 2007
References: biz.yahoo
You know all those marks on your computer screen? The dust? The prints left from your grubby fingers while eating Subway at your desk? Nose prints from your puppy? LG Philips LCD understood the reality of dirty notebooks all too well, which is why they came up with the dirt-resistant, easy-to-clean panel for laptops.

"A special coating on screens used to reduce glare also had a tendency to retain dirt and oil, the company said. A second coating to make screens dirt-resistant was costly and time-consuming," Yahoo News reported

"Now, a single coating can do both jobs, LG.Philips said."

"'Our new panel employs a principle similar to that used on non-stick frying pans,' Ahn Byung-chul, who leads development of advanced technology at the company, said in a statement. 'Dirt and oil can easily be wiped away.'"

With one of these LG screens, you can go ahead and eat cookies all you want at the desk, even freshly baked ones, thanks to Philips de-filthing technologies!