The DipJar by Ryder Kessler Allows Customers to Use Credit Cards

 - May 1, 2013
References: dipjar & fastcodesign
As the world becomes more hi-tech and plastic, simple things like a barrista's tip jar will suffer for it; at least, it would have if it weren't for the DipJar by Ryder Kessler, an entrepreneur, writer and aspiring academic living in New York. Partnering up with his brother, Judd, he cooked up an electronic tip jar that allows those who pay with credit and debit cards to still leave behind a small reward for good customer service.

The DipJar by Ryder Kessler was conceived after a visit to his favorite local coffeeshop. Though busy, he noticed that there were little tips left. He didn't think that made sense for various reasons and decided to rectify the situation. Essentially, dipping one's card once left a dollar tip. The more dips, the larger the tip.