This Artistic Dinosaur Print Displays Prehistoric Creatures Getting Fancy

 - Dec 16, 2014
References: etsy & honestlywtf
Reminiscent of existing artwork featuring dogs playing posters, this dinosaur print series shows different dino buddies enjoying a lively tea party. Available from SautterPictures on Etsy, Tea Party is also Toy Story-esque as the miniature sized dinosaur figurine interpretations are not much bigger than the delicate tea cups they are supposed to be sipping from.

In addition to two dinos (a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Stegosaurus), the dinosaur print depicts a party where a giraffe, and elephant-riding bunny are present. Rather than simply posing with the tea cups, the animals interact with props like a cocktail umbrellas and chocolate Easter eggs. The Stegosaurus is even wearing a pearl necklace. Another print includes a kangaroo, hippo and penguin, where as a third shows two dino pals enjoying an eclair.