This Vegetarian Dinosaur Poster Reveals a T-Rex’s Darkest Secret

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: fancy
The T-Rex has a well-deserved reputation as a deadly predator, but this dinosaur poster turns that concept on its head. This T-Rex Has a Secret poster is a funny jab at the T-Rex. The dinosaur is depicted as hiding in a dark room, about to chomp down on a head of broccoli.

The poster looks like one of those sensationalist movie posters from the 1950s. In big, bold lettering scrawled at the top of the poster is written "Secret Shame; Confessions of a Failed Carnivore!; The Insatiable Craving for Greens!" This a rather funny over-exaggeration and a good dressing down of the greatly feared carnivore.

It would look amusingly ironic placed next to a print of the Jurassic Park poster on the wall. This poster is a great gift for dinosaur fanatics and even children who’ll certainly find the poster funny when they think of how scary the T-Rex is actually supposed to be.