'Dimly Lit Meals for One' Chronicles Lazily Made Meals Gone Wrong

Those who do their best to cook with a limited set of skills and ingredients will get a chuckle, or two, out of Dimly Lit Meals for One. This Tumblr blog catalogs what happens when bachelors attempt their hand at cooking. Hint: It oftentimes ends with burnt food and hungry bellies.

It's a well-known fact that young, single men are the world's most creative cooks. That being said, creativity doesn't always equal a good cooking. What makes Dimly Lit Meals for One so great is that guys, and gals, will instantly be able to empathize with the dishes and their descriptions. Yes, it may look like mush, but somewhere in there is sausage, egg and onion, aka dinner. If you're someone who doesn't mind eating around the burnt parts of food, then you'll love this blog.