The Panasonic Digital Mirror Hopes to Transform Patient Rehabilitation

 - Sep 5, 2011
References: diginfo & trendpool
The Digital Mirror, developed by Panasonic Electronics, has already been showcased throughout its native Japan and intends to hit markets later this year. Its purpose: to expedite and simplify the process of patient rehabilitation.

After a serious injury or accident, the process of acclimatizing your body to the stress of everyday life can be a long, torturous journey. In an attempt to make that journey as easy and encouraging as possible, Panasonic is rolling out its new Digital Mirror system. The full 42-inch mirror not only reflects the patient's image but superimposes a digital trainer onto the surface. The trainer illustrates -- through action and speech -- how to exercise and can change its regime depending on the patient's progress. The Digital Mirror could just as easily be introduced into gyms, allowing visitors to avoid expensive training fees.

So if you're going to hurt yourself, it might as well be in Japan and in the next fiscal quarter. By then, your personal digital trainer will be waiting!