Digital Medicines by Proteus Digital Health Provides Unprecedented Data

 - Aug 3, 2012
References: proteusdigitalhealth & psfk
Digital Medicines take prescription medication way into the future. This new category involves the same pills people ingest now with one major difference: They are embedded with sensors. Recently cleared by the FDA, the sensors in Digital Medicines not only track medication-taking behaviours, they also provide quick and crucial feedback about the physical responses to treatment such as heart rate, body temperature and body position.

Developed by Proteus Digital Health, Digital Medicines stands to significantly improve the effectiveness of existing pharmaceutical treatments. They work alongside battery-powered patches that receive the data transmitted by the sensors. Through the careful monitoring of medication use, people will gain much more out of their treatments. Oftentimes, wrong doses or other inconsistencies lead to no results, or worse, the opposite desired effect. With Digital Medicines, that could all be avoided.