Didino Olive Oil Packaging References the Harvest of the Pitted Fruit

 - Sep 8, 2012
References: manasteriotti & thedieline
The benefit of having a boutique business is that it allows the owner the opportunity to present her products with lovely details. Didino Olive Oil packaging goes beyond the mass-manufactured bottle and begins to tell the story of the man behind the goods.

Manasteriotti Maric was approached to develop the elegant brand communication strategy. Working with a woman still invested in her grandfather's business, the creatives conceived a contemporary yet nostalgic visual identity for the product.

The name of the brand can be translated to "Grandpa's" and the extended N in the crisp typeface signifies his cane. There are clarity and fluidity to the characters that references the liquid contents in a modern way. To complete the image, the jute-like fabric sack of Didino Olive Oil packaging alludes to the traditional harvesting bags used in the groves by granddad.