Prarie Bloom's 'Booty Balm' Boasts a Soothing Blend of Ingredients

This natural diaper balm from Prairie Bloom boasts the brand's own Soothing Infusion, which features apricot oil, calendula, lavender, comfrey and chamomile to calm skin irritations, speed up healing and prevent diaper rash in the future. In the brand's 'Booty Balm,' these skin-nourishing ingredients are also combined in a base of rich, organic shea and coco butter.

As well as helping to soothe sensitive skin, the ingredients infused into the product—like lavender and chamomile—also boast calming properties for the senses. For use, Prairie Bloom recommends applying a small amount to diaper areas once or twice daily. The all-natural formula is even suited for use with cloth diapers, as it will leave no residue behind.

Prairie Bloom's Booty Balm is part of its collection of products for Mother + Child, which includes a range of natural skincare solutions.