Diana Urquiza 'Sing Me Out of the Window' Will Blind You by the Light

 - May 21, 2011
References: behance.net
The morning light shining through your window can either be the most beautiful thing to wake up to or it can have you wishing you had thicker blinds -- in the case of Diana Urquiza's 'Sing me out of the window' photography series, it's certainly the former.

The Diana Urquiza 'Sing me out of the window' photographic series is one of the most raw to emerge out of the Mexican artist's portfolio. The series captures the breathtaking morning light that bleeds into her bedroom window. Cool retro curtains are used by the artist to help create the white-out effect of the light.

Muted color schemes and vintage-looking curtains complement the antique windows used in the Diana Urquiza 'Sing me out of the window' photographic series. Her photography will have you looking forward to bright morning lights.