From Delicate Overlaid Scenery to Forest Fusion Photography

 - Jul 22, 2011
Sometimes, one photograph simply isn't enough, and with such, multiple exposure techniques can be a dynamic way to infuse extra intrigue into a photographic series. This particular photographic technique has been favored by famed photographers such as Tamara Lichtenstein, Andre de Freitas, Dan Mountford and Oliver Morris.

These photographic greats realize the immense benefits that multiple exposure captures can truly add to a set of images. At first glance, many of these photographs appear striking, and through even more careful observation, more can be discovered about these unique visual images. Multiple exposure techniques continue to be one of the most current ways that multi-talented photographers are evoking emotion within their works of art.

Implications - The spectacular technique of multiple exposure provides a cutting-edge opportunity for businesses to create visual product imagery that is both dynamic and different from competitors. When used appropriately, multiple exposure techniques can make all the difference in creating striking visual spectacles.