Chinese Research Shows Potential for Diamond-Fueled Nuclear Fusion

 - Jul 12, 2010   Updated: Apr 1 2011
References: nextbigfuture & popsci
Computer simulations by Chinese researchers indicate that tiny diamond bullets fired from a linear accelerator into solid methane could result in nuclear fusion. The simulations have studied the initial impact and ignition, but no physical tests have yet been conducted. Needless to say, however, this is technology with a ton of potential.

The implication for diamond-fueled nuclear fusion, or any other type of nuclear fusion, is a virtually limitless and low-pollution source of power that could help drastically reduce the world's dependency upon fossil fuels.

Implications - Fossil fuel technology is a relic of a bygone era, and advancements which are instead focused on the future are the watchword of innovation. Forward-thinking companies would be wise to keep their eye on technology such as this if they are hoping to be ready for the future.