Offers Speed-Enhancing Development Environments

 - Jan 1, 2017
References: & betalist
This startup helps make your team's development process go at a faster pace with cloud-based development environments. Based in Athens, Greece, was founded by Thanasis Daglis, Antonis Kalipetis, Dimitris Karagiannis, Paris Kasidiaris and Chris Kon. The new venture offers cloud-based development environments that work with the developers' local tools. It simply provides them with the benefits of the cloud, which include accessible WIP, no hardware restrictions, production data in development and shared resources. The ease and speed of local tools used by developers will not be affected either. Pulling production data from databases is quick and easy, resulting in faster building times for the entire team.

The speed-increasing service can be witnessed as a demo, which can be requested at the Stolos website.