The EcoQube is a Desktop Ecosystem That Grows Flowers and Herbs

 - Dec 5, 2013
References: aquaponicsfilter & kickstarter
Ever wondered how desktop ecosystems can actually function? The EcoQube does as an actual ecosystem that is cultivated right on your desk. This system let's you see nature in action by growing flowers and herbs in a miniature environment. It's the most beautiful way to grow herbs, house plants or flowers indoors. The same plants also clean the aquatic environment so nothing looks or smells unappealing.

The EcoQube has an aquaponics filter which uses plants to actually sustain the environment as the best natural cleaning method. It has an LED light, LED UV sterilizer, aquarium and the actual base. If you're looking to cultivate a miniature natural environment indoors, desktop ecosystems are an interesting way to see and have as a science experiment with the EcoQube.