The Des de Coupe Prevents You From Dicing Your Digits for Dinner

 - Sep 15, 2012
The process of chopping up vegetables for supper could be so much more efficient if we weren't worried about hacking up our hands. The Des de Coupe is ideal for use by both children and adults, for anyone interested in enhanced culinary safety.

The food preparation accessory consists of a colorful band of flexible silicone so that fingertips of various sizes can fit snugly inside. Attached is a slender cover that's made from black polyethylene, modeling an object that begins to look like an open pen cap.

You wear Vincent Claudepierre's Des de Coupe on the digit that's most likely to be in danger of being cut by a sharp blade. Orient the plastic shield to cover the front and tip of your finger and you can actually start to use it as a slicing guide for swifter dicing.